• Bild des Benutzers rosina
    Rosina Arnold
  • Bild des Benutzers Rob Atkins
    Rob Atkins
    Brand Manager
  • Bild des Benutzers shane
    Shane Banks

    Shane is the Cycle Apparel Buying Assistant - responsible for content on cycle clothing – He enjoys pretty much any type of bike riding, but mostly rides and races MTBs; getting out in all weather, all year round!

  • Bild des Benutzers will
    Will Bowes
  • Bild des Benutzers john
    John Bradford
  • Bild des Benutzers jbradford
    John Bradford
  • Bild des Benutzers cbrand
    Colin Brand

    A keen runner, having tied my laces for most distances from 5k’s to marathons.  Now also enjoying cycling, both on the roads and in the forests.  All that’s needed is an improvement in swimming to complete the set.

  • Bild des Benutzers berny
    Berny Breen

    Berny Breen works in Wiggle's Shipping and Logistics department.

    At 60+ he describes himself as 'getting to know cycling way too late' but now he rides year round.

  • Bild des Benutzers bbreen
    Berny Breen
  • Bild des Benutzers GBurden
    Gabriella Burden

    You'll find me running, swimming, cycling, or hiking. And trying to convince anyone and everyone to do the same.

  • Bild des Benutzers andy_burtenshaw
    Andy Burtenshaw

    Andy Burtenshaw is Wiggle's Tour de France blogger and he will be bringing you all the latest thrills and spills from the greatest road race in the world.

  • Bild des Benutzers matt_collins_admin
    Matt Collins
  • Bild des Benutzers mdaniels
    Mike Daniels

    Keen cyclist and runner. There’s a lot of countryside out there waiting to be explored. Keeps me out of the pub for a bit too!

  • Bild des Benutzers andrew_delahay
    Andrew Delahay

    'Del' has been at Wiggle since the start, that’s nearly 13 years. He’s also one of our most experienced and knowledgeable members of staff.  He now helps our customers with their technical product queries and is on...

  • Bild des Benutzers Jennifer Deroche
    Jennifer Deroche
  • Bild des Benutzers clara
    Clara Fordham

    Clara is a member of Wiggle's Ecom team. Very much a bike fanatic, she's always chasing that next mile. She also really likes cats.

  • Bild des Benutzers Penelope Girod
    Penelope Girod
  • Bild des Benutzers ben_gray
    Ben Gray
  • Bild des Benutzers phenry
    Peter Henry

    Pete loves internet technologies but not nearly as much as cycling, running and swimming. When he recently combined them in a triathlon he found them to be greater than the sum of their parts.

    When he’s not building user interfaces for...

  • Bild des Benutzers it.servicedesk@wiggle.com
    Wiggle IT Service Desk
  • Bild des Benutzers skitchen
    Stephanie Kitchen
  • Bild des Benutzers Noriko
    Editor for Wiggle JP Koka
  • Bild des Benutzers SachikoM
    Sachiko M
  • Bild des Benutzers martin
    Martin McKinlay

    Marty is an Age Group Triathlete and Club Runner. He also enjoys the odd bike race, be it crit or 24hr.

  • Bild des Benutzers Flora
    Flora Moreau
  • Bild des Benutzers nobuko
    Nobuko Nobuko
  • Bild des Benutzers helen
    Helen O'Doherty
  • Bild des Benutzers spain
    Sarah Pain

    Mountain biker, road rider, sunny day pootler and occasional racer (and everything in-between), Sarah’s a big fan of all things pedalling related. She also really appreciates a nice cake at the end of a bike ride. 

  • Bild des Benutzers sarah
    Sarah Pain

    Wiggle’s marketing category manager Sarah Pain is an avid mountain biker who also races for Team Wiggle. When Sarah’s not busy planning marketing campaigns she’s usually planning her next epic mountain bike adventure.

  • Bild des Benutzers Gina
    Gina Ricardo
  • Bild des Benutzers James Roberts
    James Roberts
  • Bild des Benutzers james_rodgers_admin
    James Rodgers
  • Bild des Benutzers drowe
    Dani Rowe

    Now that Dani Rowe has now retired from professional cycling, she's filling her calendar with new multi-sport challenges. She'll be keeping us updated throughout 2019 on her progress. 

  • Bild des Benutzers andy
    Andy Shackel

    Andy Shackel works in our customer service department and is one of our most knowledgeable cycle experts. When he's not helping customers, he's representing Team Wiggle in races and events all over the world.

  • Bild des Benutzers kirsty
    Kirsty Smith

    Kirsty is the Marketing Manager for dhb. She's a runner turned cyclist; trying her best to keep up with a team who are much better than her (for now!).

  • Bild des Benutzers ksmith
    Kirsty Smith
  • Bild des Benutzers asmithjames
    Anna Smith-James

    Running obsessed. Marathon fanatic. But never one to turn down a slice (or two!) of cake.

  • Bild des Benutzers ed
    Ed Tibbitts

    Ed is a team leader in the design department whilst at work, but after work he rides both MTB and road bikes whenever he can find the time. Over 100 rides this year, and over 200 hours riding has given him the chance to put all sorts of products...

  • Bild des Benutzers LVincent
    Louise Vincent
  • Bild des Benutzers Damien Whinnery
    Damien Whinnery
    Content executive

    Fascinated by fitness, serious about sport, and joyous about the gym